Selling your home can seem daunting.

CENTURY 21 Signature Realty is here to help you navigate through this major life-decision.

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If you want to know a little bit about what to expect when selling a home,

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    Exterior Curb Appeal

    Before potential buyers even see what the home has to offer, they view its exterior. As a result, an unkempt or unattractive view of the outside of the home could potentially result in a missed opportunity. To show the house in its best light, consider the following:

    • Move all materials, including garbage cans and gardening supplies, from the front yard     and into a garage or shed.
    • Mow the lawn and weed and maintain all planted areas.
    • Replace any outdoor light bulbs that are not working.
    • Sweep walkways and steps, and remove all small items from the porch or patio.
    • Replace worn or badly stained door mats.
    • Trim trees and shrubs.
    • Repair any broken or damaged fencing.

    Stage to Sell- Interior

    Once a potential buyer enters the home, they need to determine if it will meet their needs and expectations. Give them the best view of the home’s interior by following these steps:

    • Remove the home of any clutter by limiting decorative objects (including real and fake plants) and clearing all unnecessary appliances and accessories from the kitchen countertops.
    • Rearrange or remove furniture to highlight the space in a room Make sure all light bulbs work and are the same color. Replace any blue tinted bulbs as they make the space feel cold.
    • Remove used towels from bathrooms and put any hygiene products in a closet or cupboard.
    • Review each room and clean or vacuum if necessary.
    • Before showings, turn on lights, especially in hallways and small rooms.

    Sell Quick for the Best Price

    Selling your home in a quickly, or less than the median days on market for similar properties, can result in the highest possible sale price. The following guildlines help your home stand above the competition, giving you the best results.

    Proper Price

    A market analysis should be completed to compare the listed property with other sold and for sale properties in the area of the subject. A range will be given and choosing within the range should yield the best results.

    Easy Accessibility

    Home buyers want to look at properties that are for sale on their own time. Homes that are not easily accessible could be passed over by a qualified buyer. There are plenty of homes on the market. “Quick sale” properties are available at any reasonable time.

    Seller Flexibility

    Some Buyers need help with closing costs, quick occupancy, or extended closing date. The wise Seller will remain flexible and willing in order to sell their house for the highest dollar.

    Good Condition

    Buyers expect a property to be in reasonably good condition. Most buyers are not skilled or interested in completing repairs even if they are cosmetic. For a “quick sale” the property should be in good condition.

    Reasonable Commission

    We work hard for a commission, just like you! Cutting commissions might sound like a good idea on the surface, but this can end up costing the Seller tons of money, as well as losing any negotiating power.


    Proper Advertising

    If a Buyer doesn’t know it’s for sale, they won’t try to buy it. Advertising should be far reaching in order to locate the best Buyer for your property.

    Property Appeal

    Staging a property can mean the difference. Buyers can’t visualize what a property could look like. They need to see it in its best light.